Foxtrail, the urban adventure treasure trail described as “a walking escape room”, has been officially launched with a party for special guests, who went on to try the first route.

Attendees included representatives from well-known attractions hosting Foxtrail clues, together with others who might be involved in future routes, and event agencies looking to add an exciting new offering to their list of London attractions.

Foxtrail started in Switzerland around 15 years ago and is now exploding in popularity around the globe, with trails opening up in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland, Dubai and now in the UK.

It has become a huge hit with tourists, who get to explore cities on foot, solving interactive puzzles and clues to direct them from one place of interest to another. It’s also perfect for team-building events, school parties and more.

London is awash with fascinating places to visit, and the first Foxtrail route, called Lancelot, takes in the Tower of London before heading to the South Bank and back to the St Paul’s area. We can’t give away too many of the trail’s destinations – that’s for the participants to work out for themselves!

Taking part is a fun and engaging experience, perfect for families, friends and colleagues, who’ll all enjoy working together to solve the intriguing clues and puzzles along the way. Best of all, it’s good exercise and nice to be out in the open air.


How Foxtrail UK got started

Foxtrail UK chairman Shaun Horwood welcomed guests to the launch party in the Royal Suite of the Grange Hotel in St Paul’s. Foxtrail has teamed up with Grange Hotels, offering an ideal base for corporate events to hold meetings or seminars before heading out on the trail and returning for refreshments.

Shaun, who has successfully built several businesses in the past, explained how his family had got involved in the Foxtrail project.

“I wasn’t looking for another opportunity, but then this one came along,” he said. “I wouldn’t normally go to Switzerland, but there was something that drew me to it. I went on one of the trails, one of the first ones to be designed around 15 years ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had a smile on my face when I finished. It was fun!”

Shaun said his son, Jimmy, now managing director of Foxtrail UK, flew over to join him and together they tried another of the Swiss trails. They needed to use the telephone helpline along the way (“well, that’s what it’s there for,” Shaun joked), but they finished the trail with an even bigger smile on their faces.

“I thought, ‘I’ve got to bring this to England because there isn’t anything like it here’,” Shaun explained. “So that’s how we came to join Foxtrail.

“I sincerely believe the trail we’re launching today is far better than I imagined it would be. It’s a great trail. I want to see people walking to the finish, getting their photographs taken with smiles on their faces.”

Shaun explained the business was called Foxtrail wherever it operates around the world, a play on the words of following the scent of a cunning fox around a city.


Trying Foxtrail London for the first time

Jimmy told guests: “It’s the imagination that captures you. I have now done five or six of the trails, and they are all very imaginative and different.”

He added that they had thought long and hard about how to present Foxtrail to the British public. Was it a treasure hunt, or a paper chase? “In the end, we decided it was an urban adventure, a bit like a walking escape room,” he explained.

After showing some of the types of clever interactive clues available on Foxtrail, and glimpses of the first London route, called Lancelot, the assembled guests were split into four teams to go and try half of the route for themselves.

And they loved it, working together to find and solve the clues before heading back to the Grange Hotel for tea and champagne.

More guests from the corporate world joined later, executives who might be looking to book up corporate team-building events with Foxtrail.

They included representatives from:

  • Clarins
  • Guy Carpenter
  • TMB Marketing
  • Hillgate Travel
  • Just
  • Standard Chartered

The route is perfect for team-building events. Teams of colleagues will have to work together to find and then solve the clues along Foxtrail.

There is a real sense of fun and achievement to finishing the route together, and it also gets your staff out of the office environment, perfect for a challenging yet rewarding day.

The business has revealed that Lancelot will not be the only route in London. They already have plans for several more, and would be looking to open up to ten routes, crisscrossing the capital.

With so much to see in London, from historical monuments, palaces, cathedrals and galleries, the company is spoilt for choice with routes to take in. One element that route planners keep very much in mind is ensuring each route has places of interest for participants of all ages.

And because they’ll be walking for around four miles while solving the clues, it helps to have somewhere to stop for a bite to eat and a drink along the way. The Lancelot route takes in the heavenly food market at Borough Market, for example.

With the launch party for the Foxtrail UK business now done and dusted, the company is looking forward to welcoming its first customers on the trail.


Ready to try Foxtrail for yourself?

Are you up for the unique challenge that Foxtrail presents? Visit the Foxtrail website today to find out more information about the attraction, the route and for details about how to book your tickets.

Remember, Foxtrail is not competitive, but you’ll have the bragging rights if you complete the course in a shorter time than your friends or colleagues!



You’ve often heard London, home of Foxtrail, being described as the greatest city in the world. But have you stopped to think why? We believe there are two key reasons: firstly, there’s the incredible range of attractions, and secondly there’s the rich cultural diversity of the city itself.

Things to do in London, old and new

There’s so much to see and do in London that it’s easy to forget its home to millions of people. They go about their daily business, used to seeing some of the amazing sites all over the city.

With more than 2,000 years of rich history, it’s no surprise there are more landmarks and iconic historical buildings in London than just about any other city in the world. Palaces, cathedrals and monuments are testament to the days when Britain ruled the waves, and just about everything else.

London sightseeing is simple. You just step outside and there’s usually something awesome just around the corner.

And it’s not only older attractions, like the Tower of London, the Houses of Parliament or Westminster Abbey that get all the attention. London has been careful to welcome new attractions constantly so that return visitors will always find something new to do.

That’s why the Mayor of London’s official agency London and Partners was so keen to work with new London activities like Foxtrail. We provide something completely different, an urban treasure trail across the city, giving visitors the chance to solve clues and explore the area on foot. It’s one of the new quirky things to do in London that also lets you enjoy old sites like Southwark Cathedral or Winchester Palace.

Let’s not forget that much of London’s awesomeness is free. You can visit many of the galleries, monuments and exhibitions without spending anything at all!

A rich and diverse culture

London has been a centre of trade and commerce for centuries. Home to kings and queens and the base of the British Empire, it has always attracted merchants and visitors from all over the world.

It means the capital became cosmopolitan and it’s always embraced the various cultures that came with it. Nowadays, London is actively inclusive and it’s this extraordinary range of nationalities, religions and ways of life that make the city so unique.

Visit London and see it for yourself

Even if you’ve been many times, there are always things to do in London. We’d love to show you Foxtrail, the newest of the many fun activities in London.

Foxtrail allows you to see many of the great landmarks of the city while you explore on foot, trying to keep to the trail by finding and solving cunning clues along the way.

It’s a four-mile treat, so you’ll get plenty of fresh air and exercise in teams of two to seven people. Take as long as you wish, stopping off at the main key sites on our first route (called Lancelot). But if you press on, it will still take you up to four hours!

Contact us today to find out more.

London’s awash with history. We’re so lucky that at every turn our capital city has ancient landmarks, palaces, cathedrals and buildings. What better way to see them than on a fun urban treasure trail?

Foxtrail is a new addition to the wide variety of London tourist attractions, with teams working together to find clues, solve riddles and crack puzzles to follow a walking route around the city in the quickest time (you don’t have to race!).

Here are some cool historical facts about our Lancelot route

Southwark Cathedral

There’s been a church on this site for more than 1,000 years. Before that it was a Roman villa. Its pavement was incorporated into the floor. Excavations discovered a well and a pagan statue below the choir! London sightseeing around London Bridge and the South Bank should always include this beautiful cathedral.

Winchester Palace

Dating back from the early Middle Ages, this 13th-century palace is now in ruins. But it makes for one of the fascinating things to see in London on the Foxtrail route. It was once one of London’s most important buildings, home to the Bishops of Winchester. Today, you can still see the remaining Great Hall walls and rose window. There’s also a medieval style garden in the ruins.

Isaac Newton’s House

Sir Isaac Newton famously worked out that, thanks to gravity, what goes up must come down. Unfortunately, his former home at 35 St Martin’s Street came down some time after his death in 1727.

While he didn’t come up with the law of gravity here, he did build himself a nice little observatory on the roof. It’s reckoned a lucky American snapped up the famous observatory for £100 in the 1860s.

Ships on the Thames

Ships have been synonymous with the River Thames since the first settlements. From the old, a replica of the Golden Hind is docked at Southwark. Sir Francis Drake sailed the Golden Hind on his jaunt around the globe, sponsored by Queen Elizabeth I.

Nearby, the “modern” HMS Belfast is still moored up proudly in the shadow of Tower Bridge. Now a museum and one of the popular places to visit in London, she saw service at the D-Day Landings as well as the Korean War.

Somerset House

First built in 1547, it’s current incarnation dates back to 1776. Behind exhibitions, film sets and its now-famous winter ice rink there’s some interesting history.

For instance, the North Wing’s four statues from 1778 represent the then-know four continents. The America statue bears a spear – because at the time we were at war with America!

St Katharine Docks

Once a hub of trade with goods coming up the River Thames from all over the world, St Katharine’s, just to the east of Tower Bridge is now an oasis of calm, away from the traffic offering shops and eateries. A pleasant stop-off on any London attractions walk, the current dock was constructed by Sir Thomas Telford and opened officially in 1828.

To see fascinating historical sites like these, join Foxtrail for a treasure trail across the city.

Foxtrail was the brainchild of Fredy Wiederkehr, who set up his first test trails around Lake Thun in Switzerland back in 2001. Within years he was working full time on the adventure trails, which featured cunning clues and puzzles to solve along the way.

Now Foxtrail is a foremost tourist attraction in Switzerland with exciting yet challenging trails crisscrossing cities throughout the country, including Zurich, Lausanne, Basel, Bern and Luzern.

Success led the company to believe Foxtrail was a concept that could work in any city in any country. Here at Foxtrail UK we’re testament to that. London is the focus of our early work, with our Lancelot trail to be followed by two more in the capital. We also intend to spread out to other major cities across the UK.

But we’re not the first pups to join the international Foxtrail family. Foxtrail Helsinki in Finland is up and running, so too Foxtrail Berlin in Germany.

And we’re delighted to say more are on the way!

We can reveal that coming soon are additions from Rome and Paris, both of which provide excellent bases for urban treasure trails, suitable for friends, family and corporate team building events.

Both cities are bursting with so many fabulous landmarks and historical features, it’s a wonder how the local teams will pick a route. In Rome, will participants fight it out as they try to solve clues quickest at the Colosseum. Or, they may be puzzled by a riddle by the Basilica of St Peter, the extraordinary church reaching 400 feet into the sky.

The Pantheon, home to the Roman gods, Sistine Chapel or world-famous Trevi Fountain might also be on the agenda? Even if we knew, we wouldn’t let on, after all it’s up to you to follow the cunning fox and complete the Foxtrail.

Paris, too, is hardly short of fascinating attractions and landmarks. Like Rome, many key focal points are close together, making for brilliant route-planning logistics!

When launched, we fully expect the Parisian Foxtrail to feature at least several of the best-known features in France’s capital city. There’s the Louvre Museum, home of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting, and the Notre-Dame de Paris, the imposing 13th-century cathedral with flying buttresses and gargoyles.

No trip to Paris would be complete without viewing the Eiffel Tower or the iconic Arc de Triomphe, which was built to celebrate Napoleon’s victories (before Waterloo!).

There’s also the Place de la Concorde, the square that used to be the scene of public executions. But we don’t want any Foxtrail fans to lose their head!

If you’ve tried the Foxtrail experience in London, we know you’ll want to give the up-and-coming Rome and Paris trails a go if you’re looking for fun activities in France or Italy. We’ll keep you in touch with their development.

Who knows where Foxtrail will crop up next. They’ve been so successful so far that we can see a time when all the world’s major cities have their own Foxtrail.

Foxtrail is not just for sightseers and families, it’s the perfect team building exercise for businesses just like your own. Forget trying to build a bridge with some rope and a plank – send your staff on a fun-filled urban treasure trail around the streets of London.

Teams of two to seven must work together to find and solve clues to complete a Foxtrail, starting with our first route called Lancelot.

It’s a test of teamwork, problem solving and initiative, all things necessary for team success in the corporate world.

We know how important it is for your team to bond on and off the exercise, so we’ve joined forces with London’s prestigious Grange Hotels to offer our corporate guests refreshment, food or accommodation at great rates.

Our Lancelot route, which covers around four miles and will take up to four hours to complete, starts in the St Paul’s area of central London. There’s a Grange Hotel at neighbouring Godliman Street, and others within close distance at Tower Bridge, the City of London and Holborn.

Grange Hotels are renowned for their luxury, offering an ideal destination for corporate visitors.

If you’re planning an away day in London for your team, or conference venue, Grange Hotels are ideal, and you can build a Foxtrail trip into your schedule for team building purposes.

As your teams head off on Lancelot, you’ll observe how they begin to work together to progress. Finding the clues and solving the riddles is only the half of it, because they’ll enjoy a fascinating walk through London in the process.

It’s great bonding time. Where else could they get exercise and team-building experience like this, aside from sending them on a country walk? At least this way they’ll explore interesting London attractions along the way.

We can’t give too much away, but your fun group activities take in the likes of the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Borough Market. Borough is the perfect place for your staff to take a quick break from teambuilding activities and explore the huge range of independent food and drink stalls. They’ll enjoy a snack before heading off in search of the next clue!

Once they’ve found their way to the finish (don’t worry they can contact us at any stage if they get stuck), what better than some refreshments back at your chosen Grange Hotel.

Which team managed to finish Foxtrail in the fastest time? Who was slower but simply enjoyed spending more team-building time together?

The competition element will always be there, of course. But you’ll know the most important thing is that your teams get some quality time together outside of the office environment, working as a team to achieve a common goal.

Foxtrail is London’s newest attraction, an urban treasure trail that requires observation and problem-solving skills, initiative and team work. It’s perfect for your corporate days out or teambuilding games. Contact us to arrange your corporate activity, using Grange Hotels as your base.

We’ve made it easy for you to get hold of your Foxtrail tickets, teaming up with one of London’s premier ticket outlets. You can now use Encore Tickets to pre-order and collect or buy your tickets on the spot.

Encore Tickets acts on behalf of some of the biggest London attractions, and we’re delighted they have joined forces with Foxtrail to promote our brilliant urban treasure trails around the capital city.

You can buy direct from the website, or from the outlets in Leicester Square, at the Cranbourne Street entrance, or at the Charing Cross Island, opposite the Garrick Theatre.

It means if you’re looking for fun in London and fancy trying out Lancelot, our first Foxtrail route, then you can simply walk up to Encore Tickets and grab your tickets.

Remember, Lancelot will get you sightseeing London in an exciting way that you’d  never thought of before. Starting around St Paul’s Cathedral, you need to find and solve clues before moving on to the next destination. In all, you’ll cover around four miles, taking up to four hours.

It’s perfect entertainment for friends and family, with teams of two to seven people taking part.

So, if you’re looking for fun in London, get in touch with Encore Tickets and ask about Foxtrail. It’s an urban treasure hunt or scavenger hunt with a twist!

Why not speak with Encore Tickets to arrange a whole day of London tourism at its best? The site has tickets for popular musicals in London, plays, dance and opera, nights out and more.

For example, in the morning you could arrange to explore London with Foxtrail. Without giving too much away, the Lancelot route takes in Borough Market, a perfect stop off for a snack and drink from the high quality cosmopolitan independent stalls.

Once you’ve perfected your detective skills and solved all the clues to finish Foxtrail successfully, treat yourself to a spot of lunch before taking in an afternoon show like Kinky Boots at the Adelphi Theatre, Mamma Mia at the Novello, or Disney’s The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre.

And your busy day of London attractions doesn’t have to end there. Encore Tickets will help you find something different for the evening – perhaps a comedy show or a dinner and cruise along the River Thames.

Whatever you fancy doing, make sure Foxtrail heads your list of top tourist attractions in London. Completing our exciting urban treasure hunt will get you out and about in the fresh air seeing the capital from a different perspective. It will certainly work up your appetite! And don’t worry about getting stuck on one of the clues, you can always contact us for help at any time.

Get started with your planning today. Contact Encore Tickets via their website, where you can read lots of information about all the London attractions on offer. Or contact them by phone on 0207 400 1255 (or +44 207 400 1255 from abroad).

We’re thrilled that our urban treasure trail experience is supported by London and Partners, the Mayor of London’s official promotional agency.

London and Partners is a not-for-profit organisation geared towards promoting and driving jobs and visitors to the city. The Mayor understands employment rises and tourism increases if more exciting events and creative attractions get off the ground.

When Foxtrail UK was a mere cub, London and Partners offered guidance and support. This is vital for any organisation looking to start up in what could otherwise be a bureaucratic and regulatory swamp.

The Mayor’s team guided us over many hurdles, and once we were ready to open our first urban treasure trail across the city, it offered launch and practical help. Support doesn’t stop there, with the London and Partners website linking through to showcase some of the best attractions the capital has to offer. Including Foxtrail!

Visitors to our great capital city are left in no doubt about just what a huge variety of attractions and tours there are to try out.

Explore London

London and Partners sums itself up by saying its purpose is to “tell London’s story”, promoting the city across the world as a key place to work, invest, study and visit.

It operates in seven key areas, and at Foxtrail we’re interested in two of them: leisure tourism and then meetings and events.

The first one is our bread and butter, since we offer tourists, school parties and families a healthy and fun day out, with teams of two to seven people setting off on our urban treasure trails, attempting to find and solve clues leading them to the next destination. It’s a great way to explore London and get some healthy exercise!

However, we’re also a great novelty when it comes to corporate team days out in London. Corporate team building in London has become a big thing and having the Mayor’s promotional agency attracting business meetings and events to the city gives us a great platform.

Businesses recognise that while teamwork is essential for innovation and getting things done, you must work at it. Getting the team out of the office environment and into the fresh air to experience something like Foxtrail is perfect for team building.

As well as having great fun, staff will test their teamwork, observational and problem-solving skills, all while enjoying some fresh air and exploring some of London’s most iconic landmarks. Lancelot, our first trail, starts at St Paul’s Cathedral, covers around four miles, and will take up to four hours to complete. Our corporate events can even start and end with refreshments at a local hotel. Perfect for recovery!

We’re so sure everyone will love taking part that we’d be happy to have the Mayor of London himself, Mr Sadiq Khan come along to try and complete our premier Lancelot Trail.

He’d certainly enjoy seeing how his official promotional agency, London and Partners, has done so much to help Foxtrail put its mark across the city.


See London like never before with our first treasure trail across the capital. Solve clues and reveal hidden messages as you walk your way around some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. It’s perfect for corporate days out, school trips or just healthy (and perhaps competitive) family activities.

Our first trail is called Lancelot, and if you keep your eyes open, you shouldn’t get lost a lot. Don’t worry if you do get stuck, you can contact us for help anytime!

Lancelot starts near St Paul’s Cathedral, designed by Sir Christopher Wren to be a new landmark following the Great Fire of London in 1666. Now, you wouldn’t expect us to give away the route of our London walks, would you?

Instead, we can tell you about some of the London sites you’ll see on the way. This exciting four-mile Foxtrail walk, which will take up to four hours to complete, takes in some of the biggest London attractions.

Tower of London

Make sure you don’t lose your head looking for clues. The Tower, built by William the Conqueror in 1078 became a symbol of oppression to the people of London, seeing as it was home to the Crown Jewels and a stinking jail. If the prison wasn’t grim enough, beheadings were common, including Queens of England thanks to every executioner’s favourite King, Henry VIII.

While Tower Hill represents past glories, not far away is another place you’ll discover that offers the best of modern London.

Borough Market

This vibrant and cosmopolitan food market, all under cover, is packed with independent tradespeople selling the most delicious food and drinks. From specialist cheeses, meats and pastries, to coffee and something for the sweet-toothed, Borough Market is a perfect piece of our treasure map jigsaw. Take a breather, load up with some goodies, and soak up the atmosphere before setting off again.

River Thames

Known as Old Father Thames, the river flows through the centre of London and is crossed by iconic bridges. You’ll get up close and personal to some of them, including London Bridge, Tower Bridge and the new kid on the block, the Millennium Bridge.

Of course, London tours wouldn’t be complete without a palace. Visit London and you’ll find loads of them! On our Lancelot walk, however, you will come across one.

Winchester Palace

If the kids were expecting a Royal home, covered in gold and protected by soldiers in red tunics and tall black fur hats, they’re in for a surprise. Winchester Palace, or rather what’s left of it, used to be one of the most important buildings in medieval London, home to the bishops of Winchester. It was badly damaged by fire in 1814 but the spectacular ruins, including a stunning rose ‘window’ remain, make for fascinating exploring.

Book up today

If you like treasure hunt games, and are looking for things to do in London, Foxtrail is perfect. Get in touch with us today to find out more.


London.  Arguably the world’s best-loved city – a melting-pot of fun, culture, inspiration and energy.  The perfect location for the launch of Foxtrail England.  And of course, the ideal location for your London team event!  Team building, a reward for customer loyalty, or for a target achieved – Foxtrail is for everyone.

Join us for our launch in October 2018.  40 years of shared experience in the world of conferences, events and incentives means we’re perfectly placed to offer you a premier event with world-class service.

So why choose Foxtrail for your Event?

  • We understand how corporate events succeed. We’ll make your event truly unforgettable.
  • Foxtrail cultivates true team building – everyone can take part and everyone will want to.
  • Do you need to harness a culture change in your organisation? Foxtrail Corporate is for you.
  • Tell us how we can enhance your Foxtrail experience to make it truly bespoke.


Enjoy endless fun with Foxtrail London – Call today on 020 3434 5035 or complete our contact form

Looking for something unique and different, then look no further. Foxtrail is proud to announce the launch of its first adventure trail in London in July. This follows on from trails across Switzerland from Basel to Bern, Lugano to Lucerne, and Helsinki in Finland. We will be announcing more soon so watch this space.

Foxtrail is an immersive fun group activity which allows you to discover the hidden London whilst finding clues and activities along the way. This activity is really suited to Hens and Stag activities as it allows groups to have fun, get involved in an immersive experience and will ensure the whole group gels. (always a worry if not everyone knows each other that well).

Feeling like you would like a little bit of luxury –then add afternoon tea and a little (well maybe not that little), cocktail, champagne or a round of beers to your day at the 5 star Grange Hotel, situated in St. Pauls.

So why London?

Because it offers it all, from culture to nightlife, relaxation and fun. Here are a few more reasons why to book your all-important time in London.

  • Easy to get to for everyone.
  • There is something for everyone – culture vultures, club goes or those seeking something different.
  • London has the best pubs and clubs – too many to name and it will be difficult to choose.
  • Food – better to say what can’t you eat in London. I was going to say the World’s your oyster but then again you can have them too.
  • Now London is a city that inspires. Its multi-cultural and known for its diversity.

Have any questions – do contact us. We would love to help you celebrate your Hen and Stag do and make sure that its an event to remember.