If you’re looking for a corporate teambuilding retreat that will promote cooperation, boost morale, and get your staff socialising outside the workplace, then one of our London scavenger trails is the ideal activity. In this blog post, we’ll tell you more about what happens during the trail, and why it makes such an effective — and fun — corporate day out.

What happens during Foxtrail’s corporate teambuilding trail?

During our London corporate teambuilding trail, your employees will be split into groups of up to 7 people and tasked with following an urban treasure trail across the city. To complete the trail, they’ll need to crack codes, solve tricky clues, and decipher the hidden messages left behind by our cunning Fox. Plus, your team will get to see all sorts of famous London landmarks along the way, as well as a few hidden gems, too.

Once they’ve beaten the trail, you can even take your team for some celebratory refreshments in a private room at one of our partner hotels — just ask our team for more info when making your booking. Our classic trail takes around 2.5–4 hours to finish, depending on how well your staff can work as a team! You can learn more about what happens on our trails on our info page.

It helps staff to bond outside the office

Firstly, our Foxtrail London route is a fantastic way for employees to get to know one each other outside the workplace. While traditional work mixers like socialising over a meal or a few drinks can get staff chatting, bonding is often much more effective when everyone is collaborating on a joint task. Foxtrail London’s teambuilding trail is completely engaging, meaning your staff will really feel closer to one another once they’ve beaten the trail by working together.

It promotes problem solving

Your employees will need to put their heads together and think on their feet to solve the clues and break the codes. They’ll be using all their observational, analytical, and detective skills in a way that is fun, fast-paced and exciting. Many of the clues can be quite challenging, so they’ll really need to be fully engaged if they want to solve the trail.

There’s no need to worry about getting stuck, though: if a fiendishly difficult problem starts to get in the way of the fun, your team can always contact the Foxtrail helpline for a push in the right direction!

It’ll get staff actively exploring the city

London over the Thames

Foxtrail London will get your employees out of the office and exploring the city together on foot, which can be a great way to shake up their everyday routine. Taking your employees out of a corporate environment encourages them to get to know each other outside of a work context, and it’s certainly much better than spending all day cooped up indoors. Our trails involve a mix of walking and public transport, so you get to be active without being too strenuous, meaning it’s ideal for all ages and fitness levels.

It encourages teamwork

Foxtrail London can be challenging, so teamwork is a must. Our trails are designed to test their wits, meaning your staff will need to communicate with one another to solve the clues and navigate their way through the trail. So, if you’re looking for way to get your staff working together, or maybe shake up the dynamic and encourage a culture change in your workplace, Foxtrail London is a great way to do this.

…and most importantly, it’s great fun

Most importantly, Foxtrail London is a complete blast! All too often, traditional corporate retreats are indoor events involving lots of tedious, forgettable teambuilding exercises that do little to really help your employees connect with one another. Our treasure trail is a fast-paced, active outdoor adventure that will take your staff right into the heart of London, one of the most exciting cities in the world. It’s four miles of fun that we’re confident your employees will still be talking about for weeks to come — what could be better?

Our exciting Foxtrail London scavenger hunts will get your team solving all sorts of clues and riddles as they follow the trail across the city, which will promote teamwork, improve communication, and help employees to bond. If you’d like to learn more about booking a teambuilding scavenger hunt with us, or want to learn more about how we can make your trip a bespoke experience, get in touch with the Foxtrail team today.

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