Looking for something unique and different, then look no further. Foxtrail is proud to announce the launch of its first adventure trail in London in July. This follows on from trails across Switzerland from Basel to Bern, Lugano to Lucerne, and Helsinki in Finland. We will be announcing more soon so watch this space.

Foxtrail is an immersive fun group activity which allows you to discover the hidden London whilst finding clues and activities along the way. This activity is really suited to Hens and Stag activities as it allows groups to have fun, get involved in an immersive experience and will ensure the whole group gels. (always a worry if not everyone knows each other that well).

Feeling like you would like a little bit of luxury –then add afternoon tea and a little (well maybe not that little), cocktail, champagne or a round of beers to your day at the 5 star Grange Hotel, situated in St. Pauls.

So why London?

Because it offers it all, from culture to nightlife, relaxation and fun. Here are a few more reasons why to book your all-important time in London.

  • Easy to get to for everyone.
  • There is something for everyone – culture vultures, club goes or those seeking something different.
  • London has the best pubs and clubs – too many to name and it will be difficult to choose.
  • Food – better to say what can’t you eat in London. I was going to say the World’s your oyster but then again you can have them too.
  • Now London is a city that inspires. Its multi-cultural and known for its diversity.

Have any questions – do contact us. We would love to help you celebrate your Hen and Stag do and make sure that its an event to remember.

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