Friends & Families

"What an unforgettable birthday!"

"Wow! What a brilliant day out!"

"I never knew London could be such fun!"

Foxtrail is a truly unique and exciting experience - a brand new way to explore London together, as a family or with a bunch of friends. Foxtrail is the ultimate fun London experience. No city treasure hunt trail will capture your imagination quite like ours. Follow our interactive quest through the old and new parts of the city and the new.

Enjoy every aspect - the streets, the docks, the iconic buildings, monuments and landmarks, the glorious parks, the rich history. Break the codes and solve the clues along the way. Only then will you grasp how much fun this great city can be!

A chance to bond

Are you looking for a birthday adventure with a difference? Or planning a group get-together or a reunion? Or perhaps you’re looking for some fun family bonding time? Foxtrail is the answer. The trail will lead you through the best of London. It will test your powers of deduction and challenge your teamwork skills. Think you know London? Think again.

Enjoy endless fun with Foxtrail London - Call today on +44 203 966 0865 or complete our contact form.

How Foxtrail Works

Step by Step

1. Book your Ticket

Book your tickets and start times for up to 18 people via this website.

2.Receive your Documents

Open our booking confirmation email to receive your starting documents.

3.Set Up at Home

Print your booking confirmation and your trail documents at home.

4.Get to the Start Point

Head to the Visitor Information Centre at St Paul’s Cathedral to pick up your starter kit.

5.Solve the Clues

Travel across London, working in a team to find hidden messages and complete clues.

6.Get your Photo

Complete the trail close to the starting point and get your photo.

How Foxtrail Works

Tricky Clues, Secret Messages & more
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How Foxtrail Works

Book Tickets

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Follow the Trail

Enjoy this unique experience.
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Follow the Trail

Friends & Families

£ 19.99 /person

Children £9.99 each

Fantastic Day Out Exploring London

Working Together to Solve Clues

Complete Tasks

 Decode Secret Messages

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Foxtrails wonderful partners enable us to bring you our exciting urban treasure hunts that explore cities in a unique and fun way.