An interactive adventure that takes place in London’s historic streets, offering the perfect experience for class outings and school excursions. From start to finish, code breaking, deciphering secret messages and solving clues will keep their young minds fully occupied.

Watch your students thrive as they bond through teamwork, whilst also having fun with their classmates. The trails take place outside and are suitable for children over the age of seven.

Foxtrail is all about teamwork. So what better way for children to learn the value of working together than with the truly unique and exciting experience that is - Foxtrail London! The brand new way to explore this great city and, at the same time, learn about each other.

Foxtrail is easy to organise and fun for everyone. Our city trail will fire your children’s imaginations. They will find things to inspire and excite them from every part of the trail - the streets, the docks, the iconic buildings, the monuments and landmarks, the glorious parks and the unrivalled history.

The trail will reveal for them London at its best. It will challenge their powers of deduction and help forge their teamwork skills. The young people will enjoy a truly unforgettable experience, as they break the codes and solve the Foxtrail clues along the way.

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