Foxtrail was the brainchild of Fredy Wiederkehr, who set up his first test trails around Lake Thun in Switzerland back in 2001. Within years he was working full time on the adventure trails, which featured cunning clues and puzzles to solve along the way.

Now Foxtrail is a foremost tourist attraction in Switzerland with exciting yet challenging trails crisscrossing cities throughout the country, including Zurich, Lausanne, Basel, Bern and Luzern.

Success led the company to believe Foxtrail was a concept that could work in any city in any country. Here at Foxtrail UK we’re testament to that. London is the focus of our early work, with our Lancelot trail to be followed by two more in the capital. We also intend to spread out to other major cities across the UK.

But we’re not the first pups to join the international Foxtrail family. Foxtrail Helsinki in Finland is up and running, so too Foxtrail Berlin in Germany.

And we’re delighted to say more are on the way!

We can reveal that coming soon are additions from Rome and Paris, both of which provide excellent bases for urban treasure trails, suitable for friends, family and corporate team building events.

Both cities are bursting with so many fabulous landmarks and historical features, it’s a wonder how the local teams will pick a route. In Rome, will participants fight it out as they try to solve clues quickest at the Colosseum. Or, they may be puzzled by a riddle by the Basilica of St Peter, the extraordinary church reaching 400 feet into the sky.

The Pantheon, home to the Roman gods, Sistine Chapel or world-famous Trevi Fountain might also be on the agenda? Even if we knew, we wouldn’t let on, after all it’s up to you to follow the cunning fox and complete the Foxtrail.

Paris, too, is hardly short of fascinating attractions and landmarks. Like Rome, many key focal points are close together, making for brilliant route-planning logistics!

When launched, we fully expect the Parisian Foxtrail to feature at least several of the best-known features in France’s capital city. There’s the Louvre Museum, home of da Vinci’s Mona Lisa painting, and the Notre-Dame de Paris, the imposing 13th-century cathedral with flying buttresses and gargoyles.

No trip to Paris would be complete without viewing the Eiffel Tower or the iconic Arc de Triomphe, which was built to celebrate Napoleon’s victories (before Waterloo!).

There’s also the Place de la Concorde, the square that used to be the scene of public executions. But we don’t want any Foxtrail fans to lose their head!

If you’ve tried the Foxtrail experience in London, we know you’ll want to give the up-and-coming Rome and Paris trails a go if you’re looking for fun activities in France or Italy. We’ll keep you in touch with their development.

Who knows where Foxtrail will crop up next. They’ve been so successful so far that we can see a time when all the world’s major cities have their own Foxtrail.