London’s awash with history. We’re so lucky that at every turn our capital city has ancient landmarks, palaces, cathedrals and buildings. What better way to see them than on a fun urban treasure trail?

Foxtrail is a new addition to the wide variety of London tourist attractions, with teams working together to find clues, solve riddles and crack puzzles to follow a walking route around the city in the quickest time (you don’t have to race!).

Here are some cool historical facts about our Lancelot route

Southwark Cathedral

There’s been a church on this site for more than 1,000 years. Before that it was a Roman villa. Its pavement was incorporated into the floor. Excavations discovered a well and a pagan statue below the choir! London sightseeing around London Bridge and the South Bank should always include this beautiful cathedral.

Winchester Palace

Dating back from the early Middle Ages, this 13th-century palace is now in ruins. But it makes for one of the fascinating things to see in London on the Foxtrail route. It was once one of London’s most important buildings, home to the Bishops of Winchester. Today, you can still see the remaining Great Hall walls and rose window. There’s also a medieval style garden in the ruins.

Isaac Newton’s House

Sir Isaac Newton famously worked out that, thanks to gravity, what goes up must come down. Unfortunately, his former home at 35 St Martin’s Street came down some time after his death in 1727.

While he didn’t come up with the law of gravity here, he did build himself a nice little observatory on the roof. It’s reckoned a lucky American snapped up the famous observatory for £100 in the 1860s.

Ships on the Thames

Ships have been synonymous with the River Thames since the first settlements. From the old, a replica of the Golden Hind is docked at Southwark. Sir Francis Drake sailed the Golden Hind on his jaunt around the globe, sponsored by Queen Elizabeth I.

Nearby, the “modern” HMS Belfast is still moored up proudly in the shadow of Tower Bridge. Now a museum and one of the popular places to visit in London, she saw service at the D-Day Landings as well as the Korean War.

Somerset House

First built in 1547, it’s current incarnation dates back to 1776. Behind exhibitions, film sets and its now-famous winter ice rink there’s some interesting history.

For instance, the North Wing’s four statues from 1778 represent the then-know four continents. The America statue bears a spear – because at the time we were at war with America!

St Katharine Docks

Once a hub of trade with goods coming up the River Thames from all over the world, St Katharine’s, just to the east of Tower Bridge is now an oasis of calm, away from the traffic offering shops and eateries. A pleasant stop-off on any London attractions walk, the current dock was constructed by Sir Thomas Telford and opened officially in 1828.

To see fascinating historical sites like these, join Foxtrail for a treasure trail across the city.

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Remember, Lancelot will get you sightseeing London in an exciting way that you’d  never thought of before. Starting around St Paul’s Cathedral, you need to find and solve clues before moving on to the next destination. In all, you’ll cover around four miles, taking up to four hours.

It’s perfect entertainment for friends and family, with teams of two to seven people taking part.

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See London like never before with our first treasure trail across the capital. Solve clues and reveal hidden messages as you walk your way around some of the city’s most iconic landmarks. It’s perfect for corporate days out, school trips or just healthy (and perhaps competitive) family activities.

Our first trail is called Lancelot, and if you keep your eyes open, you shouldn’t get lost a lot. Don’t worry if you do get stuck, you can contact us for help anytime!

Lancelot starts near St Paul’s Cathedral, designed by Sir Christopher Wren to be a new landmark following the Great Fire of London in 1666. Now, you wouldn’t expect us to give away the route of our London walks, would you?

Instead, we can tell you about some of the London sites you’ll see on the way. This exciting four-mile Foxtrail walk, which will take up to four hours to complete, takes in some of the biggest London attractions.

Tower of London

Make sure you don’t lose your head looking for clues. The Tower, built by William the Conqueror in 1078 became a symbol of oppression to the people of London, seeing as it was home to the Crown Jewels and a stinking jail. If the prison wasn’t grim enough, beheadings were common, including Queens of England thanks to every executioner’s favourite King, Henry VIII.

While Tower Hill represents past glories, not far away is another place you’ll discover that offers the best of modern London.

Borough Market

This vibrant and cosmopolitan food market, all under cover, is packed with independent tradespeople selling the most delicious food and drinks. From specialist cheeses, meats and pastries, to coffee and something for the sweet-toothed, Borough Market is a perfect piece of our treasure map jigsaw. Take a breather, load up with some goodies, and soak up the atmosphere before setting off again.

River Thames

Known as Old Father Thames, the river flows through the centre of London and is crossed by iconic bridges. You’ll get up close and personal to some of them, including London Bridge, Tower Bridge and the new kid on the block, the Millennium Bridge.

Of course, London tours wouldn’t be complete without a palace. Visit London and you’ll find loads of them! On our Lancelot walk, however, you will come across one.

Winchester Palace

If the kids were expecting a Royal home, covered in gold and protected by soldiers in red tunics and tall black fur hats, they’re in for a surprise. Winchester Palace, or rather what’s left of it, used to be one of the most important buildings in medieval London, home to the bishops of Winchester. It was badly damaged by fire in 1814 but the spectacular ruins, including a stunning rose ‘window’ remain, make for fascinating exploring.

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