Kids learn best when they are actively engaged in what they’re doing. That’s why rich experiences such as scavenger trails are a great way to help them acquire knowledge and develop new skills. In this blog post, we’re going to discuss five things that Foxtrail London’s scavenger hunts will teach your kids, from navigational skills and problem solving to teamwork and independent thinking.

Problem solving

Our trails are designed to get your mental cogs turning, and they can be tough to solve. The kids will have to put their heads together and think long and hard if they are to solve our clues and break our codes. They’ll have a chance to learn each step of the problem-solving process, from identifying the problem and analysing what must be done to taking in their environment and using their detective skills to find the answer. This kind of task is incredibly engaging for children and a great way for them to feel accomplished.

Working as a team

Of course, problem solving alone can only get you so far, and many heads are often better than one. To have the best chance of beating the trail, they’ll need to work together. That way they’ll be able to solve each riddle and crack each code quicker and find their way to the next clue. Getting the kids working together will not only help them to improve their communication skills, it will also show them the importance of listening to each person’s unique perspective to achieve a shared goal.

Independent thinking

An integral part of working as a group is being able to think independently and then relay that information to others to help solve the clue. By allowing the kids to do this, and by encouraging them to speak up and take the lead when they think they have an idea is a great way, will be a massive boost to their confidence. Certain children will be better at understanding and completing certain tasks then others, so it’s a fantastic chance to get them to listen to the ideas of others and relate that back to their own understanding.

Navigational skills

London is one of the world’s biggest cities, so getting out and about in the capital is one of the best ways to help improve the kids’ navigational skills. To beat the dastardly Fox, you’ll have to follow the clues all over London, learning the basics of navigation, such as the cardinal directions, along the way. For added learning, you could even take a compass with you! Not only that, but it’s a fantastic opportunity to teach them about pedestrian safety, including understanding traffic lights and being safe on the pavement.

The history of London

Aside from all of the useful skills that the kids will develop over the course of their trail, they’ll also be immersed in the history and culture of London. They may not even know it, but they will be learning all about the incredible past of our capital city and many of its most iconic buildings and monuments. Reading a book on the history of London is one way to do it, but being out on the streets and experiencing this history first hand will help that knowledge stay with them for a lifetime.

Whether you want to treat the kids to a great day out with friends and family or think it would be the ideal choice for your next school trip, Foxtrail London has got you covered. Get the kids solving a whole range of fun clues and riddles as they follow our trail across the city, and improve many of their skills in the process.

If you’d like to learn more about our London trails, or want to find out more information about the experience, you can get in touch with the Foxtrail team today. You might also be interested in checking out the rest of our blog where we have loads of great ideas for things to do and sights to see in London.

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