Foxtrail is not just for sightseers and families, it’s the perfect team building exercise for businesses just like your own. Forget trying to build a bridge with some rope and a plank – send your staff on a fun-filled urban treasure trail around the streets of London.

Teams of two to seven must work together to find and solve clues to complete a Foxtrail, starting with our first route called Lancelot.

It’s a test of teamwork, problem solving and initiative, all things necessary for team success in the corporate world.

We know how important it is for your team to bond on and off the exercise, so we’ve joined forces with London’s prestigious Grange Hotels to offer our corporate guests refreshment, food or accommodation at great rates.

Our Lancelot route, which covers around four miles and will take up to four hours to complete, starts in the St Paul’s area of central London. There’s a Grange Hotel at neighbouring Godliman Street, and others within close distance at Tower Bridge, the City of London and Holborn.

Grange Hotels are renowned for their luxury, offering an ideal destination for corporate visitors.

If you’re planning an away day in London for your team, or conference venue, Grange Hotels are ideal, and you can build a Foxtrail trip into your schedule for team building purposes.

As your teams head off on Lancelot, you’ll observe how they begin to work together to progress. Finding the clues and solving the riddles is only the half of it, because they’ll enjoy a fascinating walk through London in the process.

It’s great bonding time. Where else could they get exercise and team-building experience like this, aside from sending them on a country walk? At least this way they’ll explore interesting London attractions along the way.

We can’t give too much away, but your fun group activities take in the likes of the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and Borough Market. Borough is the perfect place for your staff to take a quick break from teambuilding activities and explore the huge range of independent food and drink stalls. They’ll enjoy a snack before heading off in search of the next clue!

Once they’ve found their way to the finish (don’t worry they can contact us at any stage if they get stuck), what better than some refreshments back at your chosen Grange Hotel.

Which team managed to finish Foxtrail in the fastest time? Who was slower but simply enjoyed spending more team-building time together?

The competition element will always be there, of course. But you’ll know the most important thing is that your teams get some quality time together outside of the office environment, working as a team to achieve a common goal.

Foxtrail is London’s newest attraction, an urban treasure trail that requires observation and problem-solving skills, initiative and team work. It’s perfect for your corporate days out or teambuilding games. Contact us to arrange your corporate activity, using Grange Hotels as your base.

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