Foxtrail, the urban adventure treasure trail described as “a walking escape room”, has been officially launched with a party for special guests, who went on to try the first route.

Attendees included representatives from well-known attractions hosting Foxtrail clues, together with others who might be involved in future routes, and event agencies looking to add an exciting new offering to their list of London attractions.

Foxtrail started in Switzerland around 15 years ago and is now exploding in popularity around the globe, with trails opening up in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Finland, Dubai and now in the UK.

It has become a huge hit with tourists, who get to explore cities on foot, solving interactive puzzles and clues to direct them from one place of interest to another. It’s also perfect for team-building events, school parties and more.

London is awash with fascinating places to visit, and the first Foxtrail route, called Lancelot, takes in the Tower of London before heading to the South Bank and back to the St Paul’s area. We can’t give away too many of the trail’s destinations – that’s for the participants to work out for themselves!

Taking part is a fun and engaging experience, perfect for families, friends and colleagues, who’ll all enjoy working together to solve the intriguing clues and puzzles along the way. Best of all, it’s good exercise and nice to be out in the open air.


How Foxtrail UK got started

Foxtrail UK chairman Shaun Horwood welcomed guests to the launch party in the Royal Suite of the Grange Hotel in St Paul’s. Foxtrail has teamed up with Grange Hotels, offering an ideal base for corporate events to hold meetings or seminars before heading out on the trail and returning for refreshments.

Shaun, who has successfully built several businesses in the past, explained how his family had got involved in the Foxtrail project.

“I wasn’t looking for another opportunity, but then this one came along,” he said. “I wouldn’t normally go to Switzerland, but there was something that drew me to it. I went on one of the trails, one of the first ones to be designed around 15 years ago, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I had a smile on my face when I finished. It was fun!”

Shaun said his son, Jimmy, now managing director of Foxtrail UK, flew over to join him and together they tried another of the Swiss trails. They needed to use the telephone helpline along the way (“well, that’s what it’s there for,” Shaun joked), but they finished the trail with an even bigger smile on their faces.

“I thought, ‘I’ve got to bring this to England because there isn’t anything like it here’,” Shaun explained. “So that’s how we came to join Foxtrail.

“I sincerely believe the trail we’re launching today is far better than I imagined it would be. It’s a great trail. I want to see people walking to the finish, getting their photographs taken with smiles on their faces.”

Shaun explained the business was called Foxtrail wherever it operates around the world, a play on the words of following the scent of a cunning fox around a city.


Trying Foxtrail London for the first time

Jimmy told guests: “It’s the imagination that captures you. I have now done five or six of the trails, and they are all very imaginative and different.”

He added that they had thought long and hard about how to present Foxtrail to the British public. Was it a treasure hunt, or a paper chase? “In the end, we decided it was an urban adventure, a bit like a walking escape room,” he explained.

After showing some of the types of clever interactive clues available on Foxtrail, and glimpses of the first London route, called Lancelot, the assembled guests were split into four teams to go and try half of the route for themselves.

And they loved it, working together to find and solve the clues before heading back to the Grange Hotel for tea and champagne.

More guests from the corporate world joined later, executives who might be looking to book up corporate team-building events with Foxtrail.

They included representatives from:

  • Clarins
  • Guy Carpenter
  • TMB Marketing
  • Hillgate Travel
  • Just
  • Standard Chartered

The route is perfect for team-building events. Teams of colleagues will have to work together to find and then solve the clues along Foxtrail.

There is a real sense of fun and achievement to finishing the route together, and it also gets your staff out of the office environment, perfect for a challenging yet rewarding day.

The business has revealed that Lancelot will not be the only route in London. They already have plans for several more, and would be looking to open up to ten routes, crisscrossing the capital.

With so much to see in London, from historical monuments, palaces, cathedrals and galleries, the company is spoilt for choice with routes to take in. One element that route planners keep very much in mind is ensuring each route has places of interest for participants of all ages.

And because they’ll be walking for around four miles while solving the clues, it helps to have somewhere to stop for a bite to eat and a drink along the way. The Lancelot route takes in the heavenly food market at Borough Market, for example.

With the launch party for the Foxtrail UK business now done and dusted, the company is looking forward to welcoming its first customers on the trail.


Ready to try Foxtrail for yourself?

Are you up for the unique challenge that Foxtrail presents? Visit the Foxtrail website today to find out more information about the attraction, the route and for details about how to book your tickets.

Remember, Foxtrail is not competitive, but you’ll have the bragging rights if you complete the course in a shorter time than your friends or colleagues!



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