We’re thrilled that our urban treasure trail experience is supported by London and Partners, the Mayor of London’s official promotional agency.

London and Partners is a not-for-profit organisation geared towards promoting and driving jobs and visitors to the city. The Mayor understands employment rises and tourism increases if more exciting events and creative attractions get off the ground.

When Foxtrail UK was a mere cub, London and Partners offered guidance and support. This is vital for any organisation looking to start up in what could otherwise be a bureaucratic and regulatory swamp.

The Mayor’s team guided us over many hurdles, and once we were ready to open our first urban treasure trail across the city, it offered launch and practical help. Support doesn’t stop there, with the London and Partners website linking through to showcase some of the best attractions the capital has to offer. Including Foxtrail!

Visitors to our great capital city are left in no doubt about just what a huge variety of attractions and tours there are to try out.

Explore London

London and Partners sums itself up by saying its purpose is to “tell London’s story”, promoting the city across the world as a key place to work, invest, study and visit.

It operates in seven key areas, and at Foxtrail we’re interested in two of them: leisure tourism and then meetings and events.

The first one is our bread and butter, since we offer tourists, school parties and families a healthy and fun day out, with teams of two to seven people setting off on our urban treasure trails, attempting to find and solve clues leading them to the next destination. It’s a great way to explore London and get some healthy exercise!

However, we’re also a great novelty when it comes to corporate team days out in London. Corporate team building in London has become a big thing and having the Mayor’s promotional agency attracting business meetings and events to the city gives us a great platform.

Businesses recognise that while teamwork is essential for innovation and getting things done, you must work at it. Getting the team out of the office environment and into the fresh air to experience something like Foxtrail is perfect for team building.

As well as having great fun, staff will test their teamwork, observational and problem-solving skills, all while enjoying some fresh air and exploring some of London’s most iconic landmarks. Lancelot, our first trail, starts at St Paul’s Cathedral, covers around four miles, and will take up to four hours to complete. Our corporate events can even start and end with refreshments at a local hotel. Perfect for recovery!

We’re so sure everyone will love taking part that we’d be happy to have the Mayor of London himself, Mr Sadiq Khan come along to try and complete our premier Lancelot Trail.

He’d certainly enjoy seeing how his official promotional agency, London and Partners, has done so much to help Foxtrail put its mark across the city.

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